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An Introduction to Wound Care

We aim to turn a deteriorating or a stagnant non-healing chronic wound, into a clean, healthy and infection-free wound bed, to enable the new tissue to grow again and eventually closed with your own natural skin or with the help of an artificial one.

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Wound Care

A wound affects the quality of every aspect of your life from taking a shower to meeting friends for coffee. For the working class, it can prevent us from work. The immobility incapacitates our activities of daily living, and our social lives. A wound can increase the dependency of the patient to the family members in terms of care and transportation. The odour could also be a social inconvenience to friends and family during any gatherings. Most importantly, a wound is an open door to outside bacteria which can cause local infections and possibly progress to sepsis and loss of limbs or even lives. Hence, a wound is not to be taken lightly especially amongst the diabetic where the body’s immune defence is already compromised. Not forgetting, chronic wounds that fail to heal can adversely impact the person’s emotion silently too for sure and eventually leading to depressions.

Diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, accident wounds, burn wounds, radiotherapy-induced wounds and any other chronic non-healing wounds/pressure injuries/surgical wounds.

Our wound care nurse is trained in advance wound management and experienced to monitor every step of the wound healing process. We pay meticulous attention to tissue health, in-wound bacterial load, peri-wound hygiene, infection prevention, moisture level, biofilm and nutrition for tissue growth. Non-viable necrotic tissues or slough are kept to minimal to give way to new tissue growth. We anticipate problems before they occur to provide you with your best chance for wound recovery.

Throughout your treatment with us, we will be constantly educating you and emphasize the do’s and don’ts to speed up wound closure as you are not only a patient under our care but someone we want to make wound recovery together with.

We use advance wound dressing products to best suit your wound to create an optimum environment for tissue growth. The experience in wound care allows our physicians to remove all factors that hinder wound healing. Only when the wound bed is clean and healthy, then the new tissue will start to grow. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and artificial skin can be used in suitable patients.

Wound care is not only about focusing on the wound. At Prince Court Advance Wound Care Clinic, we always look beyond the wound to give you a holistic wound management. In cases where the reason of non-healing is beyond the wound, we in the wound care clinic work closely with a team of physicians, dietitians, general, plastic, orthopaedic and vascular surgeons to identify and rectify the cause of the non-healing wound.

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