About Us

Physi Nursing

Penang Physio nursing centre were started by a group of three friends. They are staff nurse , physiotherapy and doctor. The Head one of the founder of Penang physio nursing centre madam Shobaa Raman always has the best for the patients, all of us are professional and well trained in care & rehabilitation of post surgery, old age diamentia , pre hospitalization , stroke , surgery and fragile patients. Our centre normally have the best professional with a heart of care and love. We provide 5 meals a day together with accommodation with choice of single beds , double begs and room sharing. Our spaces are starts from 200sqft to 500sqft with good air ventilation , aircon system and equipment with hospital beds , patient personal drawer and home style environment. We provide 24/7 services for patient transport to home and to hospitals.

Mutual Respect & Empathy

We create a culture of compassion, trust and giving by treating others the way we want to be treated


We persevere and press on in tough times. For every problem, there will always be a solution

Willingness to Try

We embrace creativity and innovation. When we open our hearts and minds, we find new discoveries and innovative solutions

Hotline 016 299 2188